Daniela Maria Geraci is an artist working on the relationships and antagonisms between tradition and migration. 
Told through her experience as a second-generation Sicilian immigrant raised in London, her research touches on diaspora, translation, familial relations and whether it is possible to ever truly archive generational knowledge.
She thinks of displaced bodies as beholders of this knowledge and instruments of communication beyond words, but also as heavily reliant on objects to ascribe meaning and value to in order to survive/adapt.
Her current interests are archiving audio-visual aesthetics of migration, the influence of colonialism and Catholicism on daily Sicilian attitudes and conflict of identity through mass exodus. 
Colliding memory and technology, her practice mixes between sound, installation, moving image, text and performance. These mediums allow her to interrogate manifestations of cultural identity within the constant flux of tradition and adaptation. Dialect, gestures, and ethics become subjects of translation, transcription and re-enactment.
Daniela Maria Geraci is also one third of the sound collective Foldable Sounds which she founded in April 2020, and her work has recently been featured on radio stations such as NTS, Soho Radio, Netil Radio, Balamii. Her collective is resident on Leeds-based NARR radio and London-based Resonance Extra fm, and has been selected as SHAPE Platform Artists of 2021.
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