Black soot, fig tree, 2020
Digitised DV film, 5' 14''
Text and narration: Elena Lo Presti and Daniela Maria Geraci
Sound and film: Daniela Maria Geraci

Exhibited at The days we felt quiet, then loud, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, November 2020
Soundscape: selected recordings from artists’ archive: streets and ambulant fruit vendor calls recorded in her home town, Naro. The song 'Zappatore' by Mario Merola is played by a neighbour and captured in the film.
Film: shot in 4:3 DV format in the Ballarò district of Palermo. Text: two interwoven memories of both artist’ home towns - Lo Presti’s  in Rome, and Geraci’s in Naro told under the narrative of a fig tree, framed by the nostalgic home-video format.
Messages exchanged between Sicily and London by artist and her mother respectively, 2020

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