Live performance whereby both both artists performed the rituals of kneading and preparing mashed potatoes. During the performance, the microphone in the middle of the room was moved between the two artists to add layers of sound to the live looping sound being played out. The microphone and the action of pointing it were used to draw attention to and amplify sounds, gestures, or lack thereof. The duration of the performance was determined by the amount of time taken to finish the process of turning potatoes to mash (circa one hour). The mash was then portioned and shared by the artists and visitors as part of the happening while the echoed sounds of the gestures made while kneading and mashing played out, looped.

Bread dough, table, potatoes, various cooking utensils, sound equipment, loop pedals, buttermilk.

Co-curated by Daniela Maria Geraci, Jan Nicola Angermann and Isabelle Pead
Photographs taken by Daniela Maria Geraci and Jan Nicola Angermann
Edited by Daniela Maria Geraci

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