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Selected artists for SHAPE Platform 2021 Cohort

'442: 4 people to a track, 4 minutes of recording per person, 2 days to pass it on.'
Foldable Sounds Collective is composed of three artists: Daniela Maria Geraci, Lucy Rose Cunningham and Isabelle Pead, who met whilst studying at the University of Leeds. 

The collective formed during April 2020 lockdown, following the rise of Zoom and Facetime windows - once a less prevalent means of communication. Individually dealing with sound as an archival, performative and narrational tool, collectively they interrogate sound’s potential to sonically transport the imagination outside one’s four walls, drawing on a global need for freedom of movement. 

The Foldable Sounds project - on which the collective was based - draws on the simultaneously collaborative and independent nature of the child’s drawing game Exquisite Corpse. Placed into groups, participants share sounds, layering and editing recordings together to form a track. With 106 participants to date, the project now has 4 albums of field recordings folded into each other and shared via email chains -  4 people per track, maximum 4 minutes of recording, 2 days to pass it on.  The collective process, the tracks themselves and collective listening felt resistant in a time when individualism was forced. 

Our philosophy continues to be one of sharing conversations that urge a critical questioning of the lack of accessibility and diversity within the far reaching topic of sonic practice, as well as strengthening communities through exchanging resources.
Recent Mixes
Foldable Soundbath series ft Open Call submissions from artists and sound workers worldwide

FS ft Interview and work of Lailah Poetry, a spoken word artist and activist from London
'BUBBLIN THROUGH'  ft Daniela Maria Geraci (Foldable Sounds Collective) 
Listen below to selected tracks from albums 1-4:

Round4, Participants: Andrés Vielma, Sujung Heo, Jan Nicola Angerman, Luka Abeywickrama

Round3, Participants: Stefan Römer, Lucy Cunningham, Stella Pearce, Ruari Paterson-Achenbach

Round2, Participants: Eleanor Pead, Oliver Smedley, Kristin Friedrichsen

Round1, Participants: Alexey Kokhanov, Daniela Maria Geraci, Charlie Tilley, Jerome Sklorz

Full albums on Bandcamp.
100% of proceeds from all albums continue to go towards charities. Past charities have included the Minnesota Freedom Fund,  UK Black Pride, Women Asylum Seekers Together, The UN Refugee Agency, MAWFWA Theatre and the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People).

Album Artworks 1-4

Founded and co-curated by Daniela Maria Geraci, Isabelle Pead, Lucy Cunningham + created by Participants
Rachel Effy / Sunny Vowles / Emily Warner / Tom Lines / Charlotte Sadd / Joe Nunn / Emily Montgommery / Kayla Elrod / Elena Lo Presti / Melissa Fund / Lucy Williams / Lea Taragona / Isabelle Pead / Anna Horton Cremin / Lucy Rose Cunningham / Tami Pein / Alexey Kokhanov / Charlie Tilley / Jerome Sklorz / Phoebe Perl / Thomas Doherty / Jacob Wiltshire / Andrew Devine / Daniele Franz / James Hough / Gareth Middlebrook / Thomas Kika / Christine Thomas / Zoya Ahmed / Jenny Handley / Freddie Ricketts / Eleanor Pead / Oliver Smedley / Kristin Friedrichsen / Callum Dwyer / Joe Connolly / Jaques / Akos Plesznivy / Obi Davis / Finlay Hall / Toby Kilby-Pollard / Matthew Vaughan / Luka Abeywickrama / Nathan Stewart / Sophie Barbera Corrado / Thomas Anthony Gibson / Tobias Gumbrill / Jacob Beaman / Theodora Beck / Stef Knowledge / Alex D’Cruz / Alex De Little / Thom Gardner / Coleman Goughary / Sarah Danaher / Robert Henderson  / Daniela Maria Geraci / Ollie Getley / Giorgio de Santis / Bek Berger / Curragh Treanor / Jan Hofer / Jacob Wiltshire / Monte McLean / Jan Nicolas Angermann / Sujung Heo / Sam Davies / Fernando Muñiz Perez-Aranda / Ed Cooper / Kristina Arlekinova / Rebeca Romero / William Addy / Stu Hansom / Jubal Green / Olivia Russell / Kirsten Sinclair / Josh Powers / Juliet de Little / Eleanor Beale / Stefan Römer / Stella Pearce / Ruari Paterson-Achenbach / Tobias Gumbrill / Finn Rabbitt Dove / Natalia Franklin Pierce / Madalena Pequito / Zara Hudson-Kozdój / Stephanie Herrmann / Maya Leigh  / Arthur Bently /  Andrés Vielma /  Finn Rabbitt Dove / Yasmeen Soudani / Marlon George / Friedrich Hensen / Ethan Akerman / Sofia Maria Geraci / Misha Karmiloff / Katherine Roberts  / Callie Michail  / Tatenda Naomi Matsvai / Eleanor Beale / Will Thornton / Shane Kerr / YinYang
FOLDABLE SOUNDS Collective CV (foldablesounds@hotmail.com)

> Members of SHAPE Platform 2021-2022 Cohort 
> Residents of NARR Radio, November 2020 - Present
> Featured on Soho Radio, January 2021
> Foldable Sounds Round 4, January 2021
> Interviewed for ARCCA Magazine, January 2021
> Exhibited at ‘Sound Occupations,’ STIFF International Festival, Rijeka, Croatia, November 2020
> Foldable Sounds Round 3, August 2020
> Interviewed for feature in Leeds based Superfriendz Mag, June 2020
> Selected for ORBIT arts programme online residency, June 2020, @orrbbitt
> 2 hour feature on Balamii Radio, ‘Notions w/ Andrew Devine’, June 2020
> Foldable Sounds Round 2, May 2020
> Foldable Sounds project initiated/Round 1, April 2020

Collaborative exhibitions +  projects pre Foldable Sounds:

> Performed for 8th APOTHEOSE, November 2020
> Exhibited and performed in 'New Writing in New Contemporaries,' with Corridor8 Magazine and Bloomberg New Contemporaries; Leeds Art Gallery, November 2019; South London Gallery January 2020
> Performed with MUSARC choir in 'The Orrery,' at Ambika P3 for London Contemporary Music Festival, London, December 2019
> Exhibited in 8th of December, group exhibition, Art Base, Wisebaden, Germany, December 2019
> Exhibited in DOMESTIC MATTER/S, MOM Art Space, Hamburg Gängeviertel, Germany, October 2019
> Curated and Exhibited in 'Cut The Mustard,' FREE RANGE SHOWS, London, July 2019
> Project managed, Curated and Exhibited in Cut The Mustard - Degree Show, University of Leeds, June 2019
> Choral Performance in  '(I)MAGESOUND(S)’ - Jim Hobbs, Andrew Hill, Clothworkers Centenary Hall, University of Leeds, May 2019
> Organised and Exhibited in Cut the Moves, Live Art and Music fundraising event, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, May 2019
> Curated and Exhibited in Spread the Mustard, Freehold projects, Leeds, May 2019
> Curated and Exhibited in This is a gift to, The Brunswick, Leeds, April 2019
> Book feature and spoken word performance  at The Tetley Gallery 22nd International Artist Book Fair - University of Leeds / Wild Pansy Press table, March 2019
> Assisted on Georgina Starr's 'Big V' exhibition, Centre for Audio Visual Experimentation, University of Leeds, January 2019
> Co-curated  'Body Politics Final Presentation' - (Led and curated by Venice Biennale German Pavilion Artist Tobias Zielony) Feszty ház, Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem, Budapest, May 2018

Winners of Best Collective Show 2019, FREE RANGE SHOWS, July 2019
​​​​​​​@foldablesounds_collective  /  resources

Foldable Sounds Collective Free Reading List:

The Soundscape of Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World, R Murray

Errant Bodies, Force of Listening, Lucia Farinati and Claudia Firth

Sonic Agency: Sound and Emergent Forms of Resistance. London: Goldsmiths Press, Brandon LaBelle

Listening to Noise and Silence, Towards a Philosophy of Sound Art, Salomé Voegelin

Queer Sonic Cultures, Shannon Truman

Sound, Music, Affect Theorizing Sonic Experience, Marie Thompson and Ian Biddle, Bloomsbury Press
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