Mani- Festos: Recording a lexicon of gestures, 2018 
Collection of screenshots from notable youtube manifestos.

To be noted: despite the (at first) seemingly stark difference in topics (migration, power and 'soft nos'), the gestures employed to discuss them remain the same.

'Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando speaks about IOM's #iamanimigrant campaign' 

Since the opening of Manifesta 12, the nomadic biennial of contemporary art most recently hosted in Palermo, Sicily in 2018, Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando has been publicised as the saving face of Sicily's growing number of migrant arrivals.
In Palermo gibt es keine Migranten (In Palermo there are no migrants)
Orlando is interviewed about the migrant status in Palermo.

President Trump addressed Venezuelan Americans in southern Florida - BBC News
Trump eventually invites a Venezuelan woman to speak in Spanish to his audience.
Todd Valentine Manifesto - How to pick up girls from hello to sex - in field examples
Todd Valentine explains the important difference between 'a soft no' and 'a hard no' in the quest for sex.

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