Stills from Pa’s Wikendi (Pa’s Weekend), 2019
Film, 6” 21’, Sicilian subtitles written with English phonetics.

Food, especially bread, is the fulcrum of Sicilian culture. Breaking bread and sharing food is the time for family discussion. The artist and her grandmother share bread and discuss her relationship with her father in dialect, while in the background, the bread-bin-cum-shrine of her late grandfather reflects the banal goings on of daily kitchen scenes. The unwritten and dying Sicilian dialect spoken between them is selectively broken down into english phonetics in the subtitles, in an attempt to standardise it so that it may be reproduced, in line with the artist's constant struggle to archive and transcribe generational knowledge into accessible language notations.
De tiers ai trou, dis cher onli nous (The tears I throw, this chair only knows), 2019
Censored book of transcribed conversations from the film Pa’s Wikendi (Pa’s Weekend)
Left side written in Sicilian, right side written in English using Sicilian phonetics
Pg12-13 of book 5/6, individually censored, permanent maker on newsprint, 148 x 210 mm
Your Sense of My Sense of Language, 2019
Sound piece, 3”14’, readings from censored transcript De tiers ai trou, dis cher only nous (The tears I throw, this chair only knows)
(Work in progress)

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